Translate all you wish using on-line dictionaries, translators and encyclopedias
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Translate.Net is a program for professional translators and for those, who must often translate in a professional capacity. The program is specially destined to translate the words and text phrases easily and quickly using not a dictionary but the system of the dictionaries, searching systems and on-line encyclopedias. Herewith Translate.Net uses 26 web sites, 40 Internet services, supports 39 languages and has 1367 language pairs, the most known of them are the translator and dictionary PROMT, the dictionary Multitran, the translator and dictionary Google, Wikipedia and wiktionary, the translator Yahoo Babel Fish and the translator SYSTRAN. This program is the find for you, certainly if you have installed Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 and have Internet access. But at the same time the program doesn’t take a lot of disk space.
Translate.Net has an user familiar interface. You will have a minimum of efforts and maximum of comfort. The used language pairs are saved and sorted by the last using. In addition to that, the keyboard layout shifts automatically every time, when you choose a language pair.

Anna Kovalysheva
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  • using many Net sources
  • free download
  • open source
  • user familiar interface


  • one has to install Microsoft .Net Framework
  • Internet access is needed
  • there are some problems with the phrases translation
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